Innovative Beauty Group Debuting New Products at MakeUp in Los Angeles

Roberts Beauty’s Refillable Luxe Lock Jar is a finalist in the IT (Innovation & Trends) Award.
Roberts Beauty’s Refillable Luxe Lock Jar is a finalist in the IT (Innovation & Trends) Award.

Innovative Beauty Group (IBG) is debuting a range of new products at MakeUp in Los Angeles, held February 14-15, 2024.

IBG and its brands, Orchard Custom Beauty, Fasten Packaging and Roberts Beauty will showcase a variety of their latest cosmetic formulas, products, packaging and tools that speak to emerging categories in the industry.

Orchard Custom Beauty products include:

  • Hyaluronic Glow Self-Tan Serum: A concentrated self-tanning serum created with a blend of HA, DHA and Ectoin, a trending ingredient in skincare. 
  • Berry Bounce: A squishy sleep mask developed with a sensorial, playful and fun formula that is made to bounce back into shape after every application. 
  • Multi-Task Makeup Stick: A versatile multi-stick designed to apply a blendable, creamy and pigmented hue to the eyes, lips and cheeks. 
  • Magic Micellar Dust: Unleashes the power of micellar technology in a portable powder form. The magic is activated by blending 14g of the granular powder into 200 ml of water, and with a simple shake, it transforms into a velvety elixir. 
  • Naked Candle: A vegan and clean-formulated candle with a sweet, woodsy aroma of Palo Santo made with a 100% non-toxic wood wick.
  • Multi-Use Conditioning Bar: A multi-functional bar that caters to both dry hair and dry skin, creating velvety textures and offering deep hydration for unparalleled softness. 

Fasten Packaging products include:

  • Sympatisk: A luxury perfume diffuser with a mono-material polypropylene (PP) pump. The all-in-one diffusing soap dispenser features a perfume ring around the top of the bottle which houses an infused gel formula for a long-lasting scent.

Roberts Beauty products include:

  • Refillable Luxe Lock Jar: The jar’s hinged closure adds a luxurious touch to each use, while the refill-pod system aligns with the aspirations of eco-conscious brands and consumers.
  • Precision Tip Tube: This elevated tube design will be demonstrated through an interactive cookie decorating station, showcasing its precision application and control. 

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